Get to know Monazam digital marketing agency

The main difference between digital marketing and offline marketing is that in digital marketing everything can be measured and data can be evaluated. But these days this important advantage has become a big challenge for businesses.
Where did we came from?
We are Monazam digital marketing agency. The core of this collection was formed 20 years ago. When the website and online store were just being designed and launched. Since 2012, with the expansion of online businesses, Monazam activities have become more serious. But since 2012, with the presence of energetic and expert colleagues, we officially started providing digital marketing services to various collections.
What was the purpose of our coming?
In the first years, we sought to be able to take an effective step in implementing the principles and standards of digital marketing processes and help business managers in the implementation process. But in the last few years, with digital marketing becoming more widespread, the situation has become completely different, and we are pursuing only one important goal. Now we are looking to solve two big concerns of managers, not reaching the desired output and the problem in data analysis. For this reason, the main purpose of order is management and supervision. Our focus is on delivering results and providing analytical reports, so managers can make the right decisions and spend wisely.
Where will we go?
Monazam has defined several important goals to help business owners and managers by realizing them. Our most important goals and visions are:
  • Identifying, creating and implementing new digital marketing strategies
  • Establishing a common language and understanding between employers and executives
  • Correct transfer of business needs to managers
  • Reference for resolving disputes between employers and executives in the field of digital marketing
  • Helping businesses to attract specialized and committed workers
What are values of Monazam?
Monazam organizational values ​​are not only our policy, but also our red line. So we adhere to all of them and this is what has made the businesses that cooperate with us get the best results. Our most important values ​​are:
  • Special focus on output, desired results and conversion rate improvement
  • Increasing productivity and improving processes
  • Monitoring the correct and targeted use of available resources
  • Providing Monazam and comprehensive reports along with implementation solutions
Why cooperation with Monazam is the right decision?
Monazam has come a long way and now with a lot of experience, expertise and history of cooperation with many collections, it can offer you the best solutions. Now the important question is that even if you have the ability to implement digital marketing processes yourself, why should you choose the Monazam set?
  • Presence of Adel Talebi in Monazam management team
  • A lot of experience and activity history with citation examples
  • Cooperate with many large and small collections and help them
  • Special focus on the realization of the output and the achievement of the defined results
  • Supervision and management of executive processes
  • Accurate knowledge of managers and business needs
  • Provide accurate and practical reports for targeted decisions
  • Eliminating misleading data and providing appropriate solutions
  • Increasing productivity and targeted use of existing resources
Mr. Shokri
Marketing Director of Safir Institute
In my opinion, the use of expert consultants in specialized fields can be one of the strengths of any organization. I am really pleased that in the development and marketing department of Safir Gadman Institute, we were proud to benefit from the valuable advice of Mr. Engineer Adel Talebi and his excellent team in the regular collection and during this cooperation, we made good things happen together.
Mr. Arash Rezai
CEO of OrdMe Store
Regular shows you the way; "As it is". If you are on the path of developing an online business, regular will help you to go through the twists and turns of this challenging path successfully. At Ordami, we have overcome many challenges in the fields of "online marketing" and "human resources" with the help of a regular agency. You can definitely count on them.
Ms. Nurashahi
Brandkadeh website manager
The world of the internet is so complex and sometimes confusing that it definitely includes the example of "don't be alone during this phase". Thank you for the support and guidance of the technical professors and we are happy that we are going through these steps hand in hand.
Mr. Soheil Mohammadi
Manager of the Variamat collection
One of my concerns was the targeted performance of the SEO team and the content of my site, and for a long time I felt the need for a professional person or group to monitor the performance of my site, but I could not trust any person or group. I used Mr. Talebi's advice on a regular basis, but due to his busy schedule, it was not possible until he started a regular digital marketing agency, and I immediately used the collection's services. I am happy that my concern has been resolved and I hope that I will continue to use the services of the regular collection in 1401.
Businesses that trusted Monazam and got results
پارچه نگار
فرخنده لوگو
راهکار تجارت
راهکار تجارت پایا
ایجی پک
Neat management team
Adel Talebi, business strategist and founder
  • Lecturer of comprehensive digital marketing courses of Industrial Management Organization
  • Lecturer of digital courses at Tehran University (faculties of economics and entrepreneurship)
  • Manager of regular electronic service center
  • Secretary of the Internet Business Association
  • Founder of Teesland Startup
  • Founder of Meme Startup
  • Manager of the online store "Book Market"
  • Manager of "Huppa Market" online store
  • The director of the publishing house
  • Executive consultant for start-ups and prominent online businesses in the country
Shima Sharifi
Shima Sharifi
CEO of Monazam agency
Mandana Ramtin
Mandana Ramtin
Digital marketing expert
Erfan Ziaforoghi
Erfan Ziaforoghi
Digital marketing expert
Zahra Iliayi
Zahra Iliayi
Digital marketing expert