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We know that the presence in the digital space has its own characteristics and nuances, and due to the growth of the presence of the audience in the online space, it is not possible to have an effective presence in Experience the digital space. We at the specialized digital marketing agency "Regular" can serve you professionally in the field of developing a marketing plan, monitoring and managing the performance of the digital business team.
Regular proposal is suitable for which businesses?
Businesses that have outsourced the execution of their digital marketing activities and intend to outsource the management and monitoring of digital marketing affairs as well.
Businesses that have a digital marketing team within the organization and need to monitor the team's performance.
Businesses that intend to form a digital marketing team and need a consultant in this direction.
What is the information included in the Monazam proposal?
In the regular proposal, the details of the services that can be provided along with their cost are included. By reading it, you will understand how the performance monitoring and digital marketing management team works, what you can expect from the regular agency and what kind of reports you will be provided.
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What steps should be taken to cooperate with Monazam?
After completing the form, we will contact you. In this conversation, we will get to know you and your business better. If the regular digital agency can be effective in the path of your set goals, we will send you the proposal and after reading the proposal, we will answer your possible questions.
Note that the minimum period of cooperation with Monazam is three months.
Don't worry, your time and budget will be saved with regular.
step one
You choose the right plan for your business
second step
The contract will be drawn up and sent to you.
third step
After depositing the contract, the day and time of weekly meetings with your team will be determined.
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