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The first webinar of the series of business checkup webinars in the digital space was held with the presence of Adel Talebi, Parsa Kakui and Erfan Ziafrooghi.

Businesses that are active in the online space are aware of the importance of analyzing and reviewing the business situation in different time frames. Considering the presence and extensive activity of competitors on the Internet and social networks, it is important that they can maintain and eventually develop their market share.

Adel Talebi reviewed the Zavash site in terms of SEO and stated the problems of each part. Then he explained the ways to improve it.

Parsa Kakui analyzed the site's content marketing strategy. Considering the persona of the audience in the field of activity of the selected site, the content of the site was also reviewed and the problems of the product images and site banners were also stated.

Irfan Ziafrooghi analyzed the social networks of this business and competitors using the analysis tool, in order to see how they can operate better and more efficiently; So that more audiences can enter the site and complete the purchase process.

In a regular digital marketing agency, "business status analysis" is done with more complete details and presentation of site documents, SEO and social networks.

SEO site headings
  • Site performance and speed check

    Check keywords and content

    Internal and technical SEO review

    External SEO review

    Review and compare competitors

Site content headings
  • Site content strategy review

    Examining content gaps

    Examining the integrity of tone and content

    Review and compare competitors

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