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Advising and monitoring digital marketing campaigns and processes

The digital marketing plan is the execution plan of all the digital marketing processes of your business. Planning helps to understand the activities to achieve your digital marketing goals. Analyzing competitors, examining market conditions and your brand's position in the digital space can help you identify the weaknesses and strengths of your business to achieve new opportunities.

Digital marketing consulting is a sure way to get out of the crisis

In one of the programs, I met with a manager who owned a very successful offline business and had added the online part to the collection in the last few years. The problem was that the manager of the company, despite being highly capable and even having academic knowledge in management, was not familiar enough with the online space. This issue had created many problems in the business of this company.

This company had hired forces for different parts of the site and social media, but there were many problems in this direction:

The different parts were not coordinated.

The work of each group did not complete the work of the other group.

Some challenges were very time consuming to solve.

A lot of money was wasted on campaigns and advertisements.

And the worst part was that the manager of the complex was not sure whether each of his forces was doing their job properly or not.

On the other hand, the employees of the complex were frustrated and discouraged from not getting the necessary results despite their great efforts, and little by little there was a danger that the employees would lose their motivation to solve the challenges and interact with the manager.

The set of these issues made the company's managers think of using digital marketing consulting.

These problems are not new and rare problems. Many companies, even medium and large companies and even digital marketing companies with the best marketing managers, need an external supervisor and multi-specialist advice.

If you are a business owner or a company manager; If you have an online business or want to start or add this section to your collection, sooner or later you will surely face these problems.

In this article, we will start with "What is digital marketing consulting" and step by step we will introduce different departments in digital marketing consulting and we will see together what the duties of a digital marketing consultant are and how it can help you to have an integrated business and a powerful brand. Help profitably.

What is digital marketing?

We call any business advertising done in online environments and cyberspace, digital marketing or digital marketing. In fact, all advertisements and content that are done in various online and electronic communication spaces include digital marketing.

In digital marketing, various tools are used such as email, social networks, click ads and all kinds of media in which customers and the target market of the business are active. It is quite obvious that digital marketing is not a single and independent activity and the set of activities carried out in this field is called digital marketing.

Due to the development of media and of course the complexity of attracting people's attention, not only digital marketing has become a specialized field, but the knowledge of digital marketing itself is divided into several different branches and specializations.

What is digital marketing consulting?

As we have mentioned, digital marketing is a very broad field and it is impossible to determine the right and basic steps without having a detailed plan. Digital marketing consulting is one of the most important services that a digital marketing agency provides to businesses.

One of the duties of a digital marketing consultant is to first determine the position of your business and collection in the market by planning and designing a basic plan along with determining the strategy, and then, according to your position, plan the best methods for the growth and development of your collection. Choosing the best communication channel, planning for the type of content, finding the best keywords and similar activities are only a part of the services provided in the digital marketing consulting department.

In the following, we will review some of the most important tasks that are done in digital marketing consulting for your business:

Website modification

In digital marketing consulting, it is determined what style of site your business needs and with what level of complexity. Some businesses need a very complex website with high features and security; While for some businesses, the site is only used as an online brochure. In these sites, a few landing pages and a blog are enough for business. In this part of digital marketing consultation, it is determined what elements and parts your site needs and what services it is supposed to provide. In addition, the site is also reviewed in terms of UI/UX.

Determining digital communication strategy

One of the most important things in this section is finding the best communication channel with customers and the type of content according to your field of work. In this section, it is decided in which digital communication channels your customers are present and how you can attract the attention and trust of your audience by being present in these sections.

Determining the sales strategy

The main difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing is the scope of the target audience in digital marketing. Because of this, we can't launch any ad campaign and expect success. One of the most important services in digital marketing consulting is determining the sales strategy, and for this purpose, first the main and effective parameters are determined, and then, according to these parameters, the sales strategy with the highest probability of success is formulated. For example, it becomes clear which markets you can operate in, what contests and discounts to have, or what sales campaigns to design, etc.

Evaluation of team performance in digital marketing consulting

Achieving results in advertising is a continuous process and if the performance of the collection is not evaluated, problems cannot be determined and corrected at the beginning and the probability of failure increases. In this part of digital marketing monitoring and consulting, various indicators such as the amount of visits to the website, the amount of customer attraction from different media, the community's feedback on advertisements, implemented campaigns, and other important characteristics are reviewed and evaluated.

Identify the technical tools you need

Identify the technical tools you need

There are various tools that can be used to manage the digital marketing department of organizations. One of the most important digital marketing consulting services is to identify the most appropriate tools for your business and then train your collection team to achieve the best possible results with the help of those tools.

These few things are only part of the duties of a digital marketing consultant and you need all of them to develop a successful business.

Improving business processes with internet marketing consulting

Business process improvement occurs when the manager analyzes, refines, and optimizes the business portfolio. The main purpose of doing these things is to increase efficiency and build better performance for all parts of the complex.

The main benefits of improving business processes can be summarized as follows:

Reduce time for each process;

increasing the quality of output products or services;

Determining wasted resources;

reducing friction and frequent differences in implemented processes;

Compliance with standard criteria in the market.

The digital marketing consultant offers different methods to increase customers and get a better ranking for your collection in digital marketing consulting sessions, and each of these methods includes different subcategories, which will only achieve the best possible results if the subcategory processes, respectively and Do it according to your business needs.

Different steps in improving business processes

Business review

Understanding business needs

Knowing the main criteria

Improving business strategies:

Recognizing the strengths in the appearance of the business

Workflow design

Search for the best business process management system to better suit the needs of the collection

Implementation of changes:

If there are shareholders, informing them about the changes made;

Implementation of changes

Continuing the process of collecting information related to the indicators.

Testing changes:

monitoring the effect of changes made in the real market;

Implementing updates or implementing other changes if needed;

The things mentioned above are a permanent process. This process should be implemented continuously for every part of the business.

In this part of digital marketing consulting services, all analysis and results are provided to business managers. All the important criteria in your business are reviewed and the desired needs and changes are determined. The modification or reconstruction of these criteria is done based on the latest market needs.

Improving processes in a digital marketing company

Although finding a good position in the digital world is a difficult and challenging task, it is possible that your business will reach a relatively suitable position in this space even without the help of experts in this field, but there are two important issues in this matter.

Without having a correct and integrated strategy, your progress is only possible to an average level, and due to the very high competition in the digital space, even with the right capital, the probability that you will become a successful and profitable brand in the digital space is close to is zero

On the other hand, changes in the digital space are much faster than in the traditional space. These changes include the changes in the taste and behavior of the audience as well as changes in Google algorithms and social networks. There are many businesses that have lost their position in Google within a few days due to algorithm updates or have had problems interacting with their users on social networks.

One of the reasons why businesses need the supervision and advice of a specialized agency is these changes. One of the important duties of a digital marketing consultant is to constantly monitor these changes, and more importantly, your digital marketing processes and progress should be so basic that you will not only find problems with algorithm updates, but also reach a better position by losing your competitors.

In order to take advantage of all possible opportunities and progress, the vision of your portfolio and business must be clear, you must be able to use dynamic strategies and be constantly changing. In the digital marketing monitoring department, professionals must identify the parts that need optimization with a detailed and complete evaluation and then have a complete plan for these parts.

In the following, we will see how and with what tools the digital marketing consultant in the digital marketing monitoring plan can monitor the changes both in the algorithm and in the behavior of the audience and make timely decisions.

Increasing the power of business automation tools

Business automation tools prevent wasting time and money. By using a suitable automation tool, you can avoid wasting time in performing repetitive tasks, collect appropriate and high-quality data to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and in general leave many routine tasks to these tools.

Use of existing data and analysis

One of the most important services in digital marketing consulting is to help improve the digital marketing processes of businesses, and the use of valid data and analysis plays an important role in this process. Using software such as Google Analytics or eClincher will have a great impact on your digital marketing. Using these tools and dozens of other diverse tools, you can get very detailed information about customer behavior on the site and social media and design campaigns and sales strategies and content according to this information. If you have the necessary expertise to analyze these data and use these tools correctly and timely, you can avoid wasting time and a lot of money and achieve significant profits.

Survey of customers and target market

At first glance, you may think that using billboards or mass e-mails will definitely attract more audiences and result in more sales. But this strategy is not successful for all businesses. Before allocating budget and spending high costs, first check your customers and know your target market. This way you can write targeted messages and send them to your potential customers. There are many ways to get to know potential customers. Methods such as market research, use of site and social media data, competitor analysis and many other methods. Which method is best for you depends entirely on how much experience and relationships you have in this business.

Use of social networks:

1- If there are shareholders, informing them about the changes made;

2- Strict monitoring of existing processes;

3- Continuing the process of collecting information related to index criteria.

All these things are introduced as the life cycle of a process that requires change in the business and we must implement this whole cycle for each part of the work. Always remember the important thing that anything that is evaluated will be improved.

In this part of digital marketing services, all these things will be available to business managers. All the important criteria in your business will be reviewed, the desired needs and changes will be determined and the modification or reconstruction of those criteria will be done based on the latest market needs.

SEO improvement

SEO is one of the most important digital marketing monitoring and consulting services. In fact, SEO processes make your site appear in the first results when a user searches for services or products related to your business in Google and has many more visits. In addition to increasing traffic, SEO helps your brand to be displayed to more users and thus speed up the branding process of your business. The most important reason for the importance of SEO is that if you SEO your site with the right strategy and with the right words, it is the audience that will find you by searching and you don't have to get in the way of the audience like your campaign and advertising.

Formulation of SEO strategy in digital marketing consulting

The set of detailed planning to improve the site's rank in search engines and increase site traffic from basic methods is called SEO strategy. These plans include many different parts such as technical or technical SEO, content SEO, link building and improving the user experience.

Formulation of SEO strategy also includes all these things and currently, there are other things and points that should be paid attention to. When developing an SEO strategy, you should also consider these things:

Deciding on the basic structure of the site

Find high converting keywords

Creating pages related to selected topics

Building the blog section of the site

Creating a detailed plan for the content and structure of pillars and clusters

Complete planning for link building

Optimizing multimedia files before uploading them to the site

Following up on the most important changes in SEO and using new methods

Evaluating and tracking the success rate of uploaded content

The above are the main steps for developing an SEO strategy, but the most important thing is that digital marketing monitoring and consulting is not limited to developing an SEO strategy. As mentioned earlier, SEO is an ongoing process. After formulating an SEO strategy and implementing it, you must perform these tasks permanently:

Constant optimization of content

In addition to optimizing new content, you should also optimize your old content. Consider a certain time every month to do this and update the old content according to the latest changes in this field.

Check out the latest major keywords

After publishing the posts and after a few months, check the blog posts and see which keywords are driving the most traffic. Doing this will help you choose the best keywords or write better subtitles in the future.

Edit previous posts

Online marketing will have the best possible effect only if it constantly and integratedly presents the same main message to the audience in several similar ways. One of the most important digital marketing services in the content strategy development department is to provide these conditions. By having a specific strategy, the forces in the group know what to do or what to avoid, and this issue will create unity in the digital marketing department of your business.

Although there are some main and common steps for developing a content strategy, the way to develop it and set goals depends only on your collection, brand and business. Remember that content strategy has many goals, but the most important goal is to help your business achieve its set of goals.

Formulation of content strategy in digital marketing monitoring

It goes without saying that you cannot prepare and publish different contents without having a detailed and principled plan and then expect the best feedback.

Formulating a content strategy carefully examines the audience, required content and other related matters in this field, and then, according to the results of all these sections, it provides the best planning to attract the most visitors and, of course, customers to your collection.

Perhaps the important question for business managers is why they need to develop a content strategy and why this process is one of the most important parts of digital marketing monitoring. In summary, the following are the main reasons why any business needs to develop a content strategy.

Clarify your goals

If you do not introduce your business and brand to the market and audience according to your goals, the audience will determine the personality of your brand based on their personal experience when interacting with your brand. Most of the time, this issue can cause irreparable errors, that's why you should define your goals clearly by formulating a content strategy and manage all channels of interaction with customers according to the same goals.

Build credit

Gaining credibility in the new world is completely different from the traditional world, and one of the main tasks in digital marketing consulting is to help build credibility for your brand. By developing a content strategy, the occurrence of errors in this field will also be significantly reduced and you can introduce your brand as one of the most reliable groups in your field of work.

Create integrity

Online marketing is effective only if it presents a main message to the audience in a continuous and integrated manner. Having a specific strategy, the forces present in the complex know what to do or what to avoid doing, and this issue creates unity in the digital marketing department of your business.

Content strategy is a unique document for every business. Although there are some main and common steps for developing a content strategy, the way to develop it and set goals depends only on your collection, brand and business. Remember that content strategy has many goals, but the most important goal is to help your business achieve its set of goals.

تدوین تقویم محتوا در نظارت بازاریابی دیجیتال

Up to this part of the article, we briefly introduced and reviewed the most important services in digital marketing consulting. In this section, we will discuss how to compile the content calendar together.

As we mentioned in the previous section, having a content strategy is the most important step to increase credibility and achieve business success, but how and when to publish content is determined on what basis?

If you are one of the active users of social networks, you probably know that some posts get more views and interaction because they are published at a certain time of the week or day. For example, for some users, posts published during holidays and breaks get much better views.

This issue is also true in your business's social networks, and you should determine important things such as the method of publication, the time of publication, coordination between different channels of the collection and other similar matters by compiling a content calendar, and publish different contents according to all these parts. .

What services do we provide in the digital marketing consulting plan?

In the digital marketing consulting plan, the internet marketing consultant determines the digital marketing goals and designs, analyzes and optimizes the campaigns. One of the most important tasks of the digital marketing consulting plan is to improve the user experience on the site and social media. A digital marketing consultant will help you make improvements on the site and convert site entries into customers. In the following, we will examine the different stages of cooperation between the internet marketing consultant and the executive team from the beginning to the end.

Who are the audience of digital marketing monitoring and consulting plan?

Our customers in the digital marketing consulting plan are all those who need digital marketing supervision and consulting. But the main customers of this plan can be divided into three categories:

Businesses that have an executive team but no digital marketing manager.

Businesses whose executive forces need on-the-job counseling and training and mentoring.

Businesses in which a digital marketing manager needs advice.

The process of cooperation with regular in online business consulting

To start cooperation, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Our experts will contact you as soon as possible, and after the initial meetings and signing the contract, the first meetings will be held with regular consultants.

Our regular digital marketing agency consultants get started quickly after getting to know your business and competitors. Regular consultants provide your executive team with a complete implementation plan, including the website and social networks. For easier access and continuous communication with the consultant, a Telegram group will be created including the executive force of your company and our consultants. All trainings and answers to the executive team's questions are done in the same group.

In the digital marketing monitoring and consulting plan, the consultant is by your side in all stages of work, including SEO, content and campaigns, from planning to implementation. In the next step, all the work done by the team is implemented, reviewed and analyzed. As a result of these investigations and analyses, certain strengths and weaknesses are identified and programs are optimized at each stage.

In this article, we tried to review the various services provided to businesses in digital marketing monitoring and consulting. Examining each of the aforementioned topics requires several articles and books. It is clear that in order to properly understand each one, you not only need to take different courses, but also need to gain years of experience. That's why digital marketing activities are a team work and multifaceted and each part should be done by an expert in the same field. But sometimes the problems are very complicated.

Some companies need specialized digital marketing supervision and advice. A person who sees the organization from the outside and integrates and, based on his high experience, evaluates the performance of each department, diagnoses problems and provides solutions. Set up an integrated plan to achieve the company's goals and finally supervise the performance of all the forces so that the managers of the organization can make sure that each department does its job properly and finally the business reaches the defined goal.